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This article covers new Fleetcoach. If the screenshots or information doesn't look like what you're seeing, please see the Classic Fleetcoach article.

Understanding the results

To help you understand the Fleetcoach training employee results, we've answered your questions.

How do we get the most out of these reports?

As you’ll see, there’s a lot of data that we've collected and presented for you. You can use the dashboard and the reports to get an overall idea of how your drivers are going, or you can drill down and get a lot of detail on each individual person. We’d recommend you start on the higher level, make sure you understand everything the reports are showing you, and then work your way more deeply into the results each person has achieved. You’ll get the most detailed and helpful information once you look at all the data at the person-level, taking into account all they've achieved and completed so far.

When do drivers get their star rating?

Once they've completed the course all the way to the end once. They can then decide to repeat, and improve their score. But their star rating will only improve when they've completed the next pass all the way through. For example, if they achieved a 3-star rating and then decided to try for a 4-star rating but they’re only halfway through their second try, their rating will remain at a 3-star level.

When should we be worried?

It’s true that when you know about a risk that you then have a responsibility to act. However, the way Fleetcoach is built means that when drivers complete the full programme, and have achieved a 5-star rating, you can be confident that they've received good solid training, and that it’s not at all easy to reach 5-star level! So to be doing all you can, you should be encouraging all users to progress to the 5-star level. Also, it’s worth noting that the programme is designed so that people learn as they go through, and improve as they learn. Our experience strongly suggests that if someone has repeated the programme and isn't improving, then they aren't very engaged with the learning. Most people improve dramatically as they make initial progress, and then keep steadily increasing their skill level after that.

We can see some of our people are repeating the trials they didn't get 100% on, sometimes more than 10 times! Is that good or bad?

That’s great! Not only are those individuals showing the right attitude – keen to improve and learn – but they’re getting the best out of the programme they can. Every time they redo any trial, they’re learning and gaining more skills.

Sometimes users will be stuck on one hazard that they’re missing, which you can see when you look at how many attempts they've taken, and their percentage increase each time. If they’re stuck on 98% for a number of tries, it probably means they’re battling with one last hazard. It makes the most sense therefore, to look at the last attempt where they improved – if they got 96% after two tries, and then spent 10 more trying to achieve the final 4%, the 96% in two tries gives a better picture.

Is three stars enough? What’s a 5-star driver?

Anything lower than three stars, and we don’t consider the user to be trained. Once they've achieved three stars, that’s the minimum we’d consider necessary for anyone who drives a vehicle as part of their work. However if the person is driving a lot for their work, they drive in difficult conditions, frequently, if they drive a truck, or if their main role is as a driver – we’d strongly recommend a 5-star rating be achieved.

What else can we do to get our staff to where they need to be?

Encourage them to reach 5-star level! Sit down with individuals and explain their results to them, and talk about the benefits the training has for them. We can help you with this should you need some points to talk to here. Publicly rewarding people who have reached this level is a great idea, and can really get the competition happening! Don’t focus too much on how many attempts it took, but do reward those that persevere and reach that coveted goal.

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