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Fleet driver training done right.

The results are a new way of buying and using driver training. A solution that works for you when your drivers change and with the flexibility to perfectly match your training needs and budget. All built around our market-leading, evidence-based training programmes.

Simple, seat-based subscriptions

You control who trains when with the new flexible seat-based annual subscriptions. One driver occupies one seat and you can swap them out at any time with no additional cost.

That means if a driver leaves your organisation and is replaced, your new team member can occupy the vacant seat immediately.

If the driver changes for a tool-of-trade vehicle, then the new driver replaces the previous one and takes their seat in the subscription.

Person swapping drivers in their Fleetcoach subscription.

Choice of training plans

Whether you're simply looking to train your drivers, lower your vehicle running costs, manage your on‐road risk, or build a strong driver safety culture, there's a plan for you.

No matter which you choose – Fleet, Safety, or Wellbeing – they all start from a strong base of driver safety.

You choose the plan that best fits your needs – that may even be a combination of plans to address different driving needs. As your needs change you can also upgrade to a higher plan at any time.

Fleetcoach subscription plans.

A plan for every budget

Purchase online anytime and get started right away. No minimum quantities to purchase, just add the number of training seats you need, click and start training.

There are volume discounts and special pricing for Non-profits and Government. Buying those large volumes and require an invoice? We've got you covered.

Training plans start at $34.50 per driver.

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Driver-centred approach

Fleetcoach is the only solution that takes a wellbeing approach to driver training.

The practical, relevant and safe driver training programmes can be completed online, anywhere, anytime, suiting even the busiest of work schedules.

Choose a self-directed training approach or be guided by your business priorities. Train because safety is important, to prevent incidents and accidents or as an intervention to address a specific need.

Driving scenario in an urban setting in Australia

Support and services

Illustration of people providing email and phone support

Expert support

From your first contact with Fleetcoach, we’re here to help. Your easy to follow self-guided implementation has full email support, and we’ve got your training communications covered with our free-to-use online templates to get you started.

Get Priority email support for you and your drivers on the Wellbeing plan or choose our fully managed Premium support as an additional paid service.
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Quality services

Ensure the success of your driver training programme with our fully managed implementation support.

A managed integration with your Learning Management System creates a consistent learning environment for your drivers and a single point of course management and reporting.
Illustration of person looking at reporting charts

Insightful reporting

More of what you need and less of what you don’t. From the organisation Dashboard which shows key information at a glance, to the Driver Progress page where you can easily see the training status and results for all your drivers.

Need more? Download the detailed data as a CSV file and create your own specific training reports.


Manage your drivers from both sides of the Tasman in one place. A consistent training approach with training content built specifically for each country.

The power to manage and report on all your drivers from the same place – and unlike your vehicles, our seats aren’t country specific!

Content that matters

All the key driving, safety and wellbeing topics presented in an easily digestible, enjoyable format.
Driving scenario from inside a Suzuki vehicle
Skills Awareness

Coaching the essential higher-level driving skills with interactive video simulations. Relatable, real-life scenarios taken from a range of urban and regional settings and road conditions.

Driving scenario from inside a Suzuki vehicle
Annual refreshers

It’s important keep the higher-level driving skills up to date. Brush up annually with a refresher Skills Awareness course.

Person happy in the moment and not distracted by thoughts
Distraction and Inattention

Our vision is so important when we drive but being distracted causes us to ‘see without seeing’ and miss some really important information coming at us from our environments. In this course, we take a comprehensive look at the different types of distractions (including mobile phones) and the ways in which we can learn to deal with these better.

Person celebrating being able to deal with fatigue

Anyone who gets behind the wheel while tired is a major risk. This course is crucial for anyone who drives long distances, drives for work, keeps odd hours (like shift work), or simply is human and feels tired from time to time!

Driver choosing speed to match the conditions

Speed is a major cause of crashes but is easily preventable. In this course we provide a special focus on each person’s relationship with speed, and how drivers can develop a personalised understanding to help them make better choices.

Car showing signs of damage with bandaids
Slow Speed and Reversing

Reversing, manoeuvring, parking, slowing down. This course looks at the lesser-known demons of driving. We cover what kinds of mistakes occur, why, who is making them, and what to do to prevent or minimise their effects. Plus, understand more about the links between slow speed, reversing, and other issues you might face while driving, such as fatigue and distraction.

Driver fueling up vehicle at a petrol station
Fuel-Efficient Driving

As with all our courses, this course is more than a quick list of tips. We'll cover why we should care about saving fuel, how you can benefit if you do, and real-world recommendations for the modern vehicle that you drive.

Busy intersection with a car turning and others giving way

A good understanding of road rules is essential for every driver, so this course covers that, and then goes further. We talk about why rules exist, why you should bother following them, and even why you might consider breaking them in the first place. We also address the issue of other people breaking road rules, and how this can have an effect on others on the road.

Car dashboard with lots of buttons and knobs
Know Your Vehicle

This course is all about the essentials drivers need to know about the vehicle they're driving. Whether it's their personal car, a work one, or one they're borrowing for a quick trip to a client meeting, there is actually quite a lot to be aware of before getting behind the wheel.

Person seated at desk, stressed about the amount of work they have

Stress affects us all – the workplace and the road being major sources of stressors. In this course, drivers will learn the biological mechanics of stress, how to spot it, and how to manage it. Stress affects driving, and driving affects stress, so this is a crucial Health and Safety issue.

A person pointing in the same direction as a compass and following their values

The way we drive is very closely linked to the way we live our lives. So, this course takes a wider, personalised look to help drivers identify what's important to them, what motivates them, and how that's relevant to their entire lives – including the way they are behind the wheel.

Person deciding whether to pick up alcohol, drugs, or car keys
Drugs and Alcohol

Most of the time, any information about substances and driving consists of two things: 'it's not a great thing to do' and also 'don't do it!’. This approach is limiting so in this module we take a wider look at this important topic.

Person stowing items in a car boot
Loose Objects

We carry stuff with us in the vehicle all the time – and generally don't give it a second thought. As always, alongside the facts and practical tips, we get drivers thinking about relatable, everyday scenarios, all you need to get everything stowed away and everyone buckled in.

The driver of a quiet electric vehicle watching out for pedestrians
Electric Vehicles

This course is different from the general instructional content your drivers might have already read elsewhere. We include all the basics they need to know about electric vehicles, and then go much further, covering everything from big picture topics to personal relevance and benefits.

Three 4x4 vehicles

4x4s are an increasingly common type of vehicle. Designed to carry more passengers and/or gear, go off-road, tow heavy loads and provide extra traction when it’s needed most. This also means the 4x4s have a few differences to the average vehicle – and it’s important for your safety you know and understand what these are.

Driving Electric Vehicles

Building on the content covered in the Electric Vehicles course, here we focus on the practical aspects of driving these vehicles. We recap what a Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) is before moving on to safe and efficient driving of a BEV, understanding how to get the best out of your battery and what you need to know about charging, as well as effective journey planning and much more.

Passenger Vans

Whether you’re new to driving a passenger van or have been driving one for years, building your knowledge and awareness of safe van driving is a benefit for you and your passengers. This course covers the important differences between driving your car and a passenger van, all about passengers, and helps build skills and confidence in your safe van driving abilities.

Coming soon...
We regularly release new courses. If you have a specific topic you don't see here that your drivers would benefit from, contact us and let us know!

Read our guide to choosing a Fleet Driver Training programme

Easy administration

An optimised administration portal ensures simple user management and easy access to all the important training information across your organisation.

Effective administration

Invite drivers to Fleetcoach training
Track your drivers' training status
Set up groups to allow for more detailed management and reporting
Add your organisation’s branding and custom messaging for your drivers
Manage training for Australia and New Zealand from one portal
View your drivers progress through the training at a glance
Fleetcoach administrative dashboard
The​ easy-to-navigate administrator portal provides access to all the functionality you’ll need to manage your drivers and report on their progress.

Insightful reports

View training status and results charts at the organisation or group level
View your drivers progress through the training at a glance
Drill down into an individual driver’s training transcript
Download a driver's training certificate
Export driver results to build customised reports or export to your LMS or HR system
Export detailed driver results for deeper analysis
Fleetcoach administrative interface showing driver progress through the training
More of what you need and less of what you don’t, with access to all the information you require to report on your drivers progress.
Simple, straightforward pricing.

Plans with the flexibility to perfectly match your training needs and budget.

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All plans include:

Training the essential higher-level driving skills
Bonus annual refreshers
Special courses on specific driving topics
Online implementation support
Customer support via email
Training insights reporting
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