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This article covers new Fleetcoach. If the screenshots or information doesn't look like what you're seeing, please see the Classic Fleetcoach article.

Working with groups

Users can be added at the organisation level or into specific groups (or subgroups) should the organisation prefer to group users under a specific hierarchy. The organisation and group hierarchy allows an organisation administrator to delegate the management of the top level groups to a group manager (or managers) to share the administrative role while maintaining organisational user access controls.

On the Manage Groups/Users page, you can create, edit, and delete groups.

Creating a new group

Identify the level at which you want to create the group and select the Create sub group link.

You will be taken to the create group page where you can enter a name for the new group. Take note of the Parent group shown on this screen to ensure that you are creating the group in the correct location.

Enter the name for your new group and click the Create button.

Once your new group is created you can proceed to add users to that group.

Editing a group

Select the Edit group link and make the changes you wish.

Deleting a group

A group must be empty before you can delete it. It can't have any users or sub groups in it. An empty group will show the Delete group link. Click on this link and confirm that you'd like to delete the group. Note that you can't undo this action so be sure to double check!

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