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This article covers new Fleetcoach. If the screenshots or information doesn't look like what you're seeing, please see the Classic Fleetcoach article.

Working with administrators

As a Fleetcoach administrator, you can nominate others to share the administrative role.

Giving administrator privileges

Go to the Edit User page for the user you wish to grant administrator privileges.

Set the user's access level to Group or Organisation to give them the appropriate access and save the changes.

Removing administrator privileges

There are two methods to choose from when removing administrator privileges from a user: revoking privileges or editing the user.

Revoking administrator privileges is carried out at the organisation or group dashboard. The Administrators section lists the administrators for the group. Identify the user(s) that you wish to remove the administrator privileges from and click the Revoke link for that user.

On clicking the 'Revoke' link you'll receive an information message informing that the user is no longer an administrator and will remain on the dashboard page. The user will no longer be listed in the 'Administrators' section and will no longer have administrator privileges for your organisation or group.

Editing the user to remove their administrator privileges is done through the Edit User page. Set the user's access level back to User and save the changes.

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