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AMI Safe Driver course

Become a safer driver, hone your driving skills, plus you could knock $250 off your excess if you're under 25 and have car insurance with AMI. T&Cs apply


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Self-paced driver training. Online. Anywhere. Anytime.

AMI Safe Driver course, by Fleetcoach

We've teamed up with AMI to provide the AMI Safe Driver course, specifically designed to help keep our young people safer on the roads.

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Brush up on your crucial higher-level driving skills: visual search, hazard perception, and risk management.
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Take an in-depth look at the key driver safety topics of Distraction & Inattention and Speed.
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Carry out the training on your phone, tablet or computer. Wherever you have good internet.
Driving scenario in a rural setting in New Zealand

Why train?

Safer drivers make better choices. Understand how to be safer on the road and learn what leads to better choices. Through self-evaluation, self-awareness, and learning the right skills you can:
Make better decisions
Understand what affects your driving behaviour to make better decisions about how you drive.
Take ownership of your driver behaviour
Learn about how you perceive hazards and upskill for success – and safer driving. The more you see, sooner, the safer and more enjoyable your driving will become.
Match your driving skills to your confidence level
When our skills match the level of confidence we have about dealing with driving situations, we make better decisions about what to do when we face difficult or unexpected driving challenges.
Train higher-level driving skills and make them habit
Make a habit of being more aware of your surroundings and of yourself while you drive.

What's included?

The key safe driving topics presented in an easily digestible, enjoyable format.
Driving scenario from inside a Suzuki vehicle
Core Skills

Coaching the essential higher-level driving skills with interactive video simulations. Relatable, real-life scenarios taken from a range of urban and regional settings and road conditions. This is the course that covers the higher-level driving skills of risk management, visual search and hazard perception.

Person happy in the moment and not distracted by thoughts
Distraction and Inattention

Being distracted when we drive causes us to ‘look without seeing’ and then we miss some really important information! Take a comprehensive look at the different types of distractions (both in and out of the car) and the ways in which we can learn to deal with these better.

Driver choosing speed to match the conditions

Speed is a major cause of crashes but is easily preventable. This course provides a special focus on your relationship with speed, and how you can develop a personalised understanding to help you make better choices.

Fleetcoach driver training is the fun, effective, science-based way to brush up on the essential driving skills you need.

Learn key safe driving topics presented in an easily digestible, enjoyable format.

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Common Questions

Which browsers are supported?
The Fleetcoach driver training supports most modern browsers. Preferred browsers are the latest versions of Chrome, Edge, Safari and Firefox.
What type of network connection do I need?
As Fleetcoach training uses a lot of video, it is recommended to complete the training when your device is connected to Wi-Fi or an ethernet connection.
Why do I need to provide my Date of Birth?
We ask for your date of birth to ensure you are eligible for the AMI Young Driver $250 car insurance excess reduction benefit. To be eligible for the benefit you must:

1. Be under the age of 25, and
2. Hold an active AMI Car Insurance policy, or
3. Be covered to drive a car that is insured by AMI Insurance, and
4. Pass the AMI Safe Driver course online.

Visit for more info. See AMI Terms and Conditions for full details and eligibility criteria.  
What devices are supported?
You can complete the Fleetcoach training on Windows (recommend Windows 9 and above), MacOS (recommend version 11 and above), iOS-based devices such as iPhone and iPad (recommend iOS 14 and above) and Android devices (recommend Android 10 and above).
How do I get support?
Support for Fleetcoach training is available by emailing A Getting Started Guide is available to walk through registration and starting training.
How long does the course take?
The course is online and takes around 45-60 minutes to complete. You don't need to finish it in one sitting, you can save your progress and come back to it whenever it suits you.
Do I have to share my information with AMI?
When you register for your Fleetcoach account you are given the option to share your information with AMI. Sharing your information ensures that your training results can be validated and your $250 reduction off your excess is applied when you make a claim under an Eligible Consumer Policy or Eligible Business Policy. It also allows AMI to contact you by email to let you know when your excess reduction benefit is due to expire to give you the opportunity to refresh your certificate, if you're eligible.