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Using Child Restraints

80% of Kiwi children not in a safely installed car seat

Eight in ten child restraints (baby capsules, car seats and booster seats) in New Zealand vehicles are incorrectly fitted1; meaning that most Kiwi parents and many childcare workers are putting children at risk.

If you're transporting children in a vehicle on our roads, you need to know how to safely restrain them so they're properly protected. An appropriate child restraint is the best protection that children have when they're travelling in a vehicle. To keep them safe it's important that you use the correct restraint and install it properly.

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What you'll learn

The course covers what you need to know to keep your child safe. From your responsibilities, to buying and fitting your child restraint, and a series of tips and tricks to ensure safe and correct use.
Why use a child restraint?
What are your responsibilities?
Where's the best place in the vehicle for the restraint?
The different stages of child restraints.
The different standards approved for use in New Zealand.
Fitting your child restraint.
And much more...

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“The new module is a great addition to the training we provide our staff, whose top priority is the safety of the tamariki in our care. As the Ministry for Children, we fully support this resource being made available to the public and encourage everyone to do their bit to keep our tamariki safe.”

Anne-Marie Sullivan, Project Manager, Oranga Tamariki

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