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This article covers new Fleetcoach. If the screenshots or information doesn't look like what you're seeing, please see the Classic Fleetcoach article.


Enabling branding on your organisation's Fleetcoach presence allows you to customise and personalise certain aspects of your users' Fleetcoach experience.

To enable branding for your organisation click on the Edit Organisation link. On the Edit organisation page, click the Enable branding checkbox.

You have a number of options of things you can customise. Here are some of them.

Branded login URL

The branded URL gives you the option to have your own custom Fleetcoach URL which presents your branding and organisation message to your users. The URL defaults to using your organisation name as set up in Fleetcoach but you can modify this if ​you like. Note that you have a maximum of 20 characters for your company name within the URL.

The final URL is shown beside the text field - this is the URL that will be used in any invitation and reminder emails sent from Fleetcoach and is the URL you should publish to your own portals/intranet etc.

The branded login URL is required if you enable branding for your organisation while the rest of the fields are optional.

Invite email message

When Fleetcoach sends an invitation to your users you have the opportunity to include a custom message. This custom message is included at the beginning of the invitation email so it's one of the first things that your users will read. This field is optional and can be left blank if you don't ​want to include a custom message.

To include your own custom message enter it in the text field provided. You have a maximum of 300 characters.


If you'd like to include your company logo on the login and registration pages then click the 'Upload image' button and select your company logo from the resulting file selector. Once selected you will see the name of the selected logo file. You will not see the logo appear here until you have saved the changes for the page.

To remove the logo simply click on the Remove image button.

The logo must adhere to the following: 200x80 pixels resolutions, 60KB or less file size, jpg or png format - or you will receive an error message on saving the changes.

Button colour

Changing the button colour allows you to match the button to your logo colour. Enter your chosen colour as a hexadecimal colour value. For example, red is #FF0000.

Once you've entered your button colour tab out of the text field (or click outside the text field) to see the colour on the example button.

Button text colour

The default button text colour is white. If your chosen button colour makes the white text difficult to read then you can change the button text colour to black. Select the chosen text colour from the dropdown menu and then the change will be shown in the example button.

Login page message

If you want to include a company specific message to your users on the Fleetcoach login page then enter the text for this here. Please note that as the login page is publicly available it could be read by users other than those within your organisation.

The login message is displayed below the username/password form. You have a maximum of 300 characters.

Login page image

As an alternative to the login page message you can include a image. This image must adhere to the following: 540x300 pixels resolution, 200 KB file size or smaller, jpg format. Please note that this is not changing the full image that is behind the login form, but rather adds a new image below the login form. As with the login page image, note that this page is publicly available ​and therefore the image ​can be seen by users other than your within your organisation.

Once you've entered all the relevant information simply click the Save changes button to enable your branding.

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