You phone an employee or colleague, and realise they're driving - what do you do? You're tired at the end of a long day, and you have a long drive home - would your manager suggest you book accommodation?

Should the driving age be lowered? What should we be doing about driverless cars? And what could we do online to prevent crashes? Dr Robert Isler spills the beans. 

Accidents aren't preventable, we need to shift away from compliance mandates, and rule-based approaches don't work. Read about what we learnt at the Safeguard Conference last week!

Let's have a conversation!  The Safeguard National Health & Safety Conference 2017 is on this week, and Fleetcoach will be there as a sponsor and taking part in the exhibition. The theme is 'better conversations' so it's about talking and interacting - about the most important thing we have: our health...

The University of Waikato and eDrive Solutions (trading as Fleetcoach) have announced a new partnership that will increase opportunities for safer driving in New Zealand and Australia.

The purpose of the strategic partnership is for the parties to collaborate, identify, develop and realise mutually beneficial research and commercial opportunities...

100kmph has been the top speed limit in NZ for many years. Is it time we update it?

Your environment while you drive – how aware are you of it?

Are these the six worst things we Kiwis do on our roads?