Driving is the most dangerous thing your employees will do today.

And because they drive for work, it's a risk for your company.

(When was the last time one of your drivers scraped a fleet vehicle while backing in a carpark? Or got a ticket rushing to an appointment? Or had a near miss driving home, exhausted, after a long day?)

Here’s the easy, effective way you can:

  • See where your risk is,
  • Train your drivers,
  • Reduce your risk,
  • Lower your on-road costs,
  • Create a fleet of safer drivers,
  • And meet your Health & Safety responsibilities.

Fleetcoach drives safety into Central Government

There are no shortcuts to any place worth going, just ask the Department of Conservation who, after partnering with Fleetcoach, has found success incorporating driver training into their central government operations.

Read how they are using Fleetcoach to reduce their incidents, accidents and foster a wider culture of safety and wellbeing within the organisation.

Anywhere. Anytime

Fleetcoach is easy to deliver. You don’t have to schedule several staff for training at once, or lose precious work time in a vehicle. It can be done whenever’s convenient, wherever works, and across a time period that works for the individual.

On average, users should budget 60-90 minutes. Start it first thing in the morning and it’ll be done by morning tea – or it can be done in stages if that works better.

Fleetcoach is interactive, online driver training - perfect for anyone who drives for work

  • Ticks the box on Health & Safety.
  • Easily integrates with your company’s learning and development programme.
  • Coaches the essential higher-level skills relevant to making all drivers safer on the road – with real-world, relatable scenarios that happen right in front of you.
  • Designed for how adults learn, in a way that sticks, and actually reduces your driving incidents.
  • Fits around busy schedules. Drivers can do their training all in one go, or drop in and out to suit their workday.
  • Covers a wide range of special driving (and everyday life!) topics such as distraction, mobile phone use, fatigue, speed, and more.
  • Backed by more than 30 years of internationally published research.
Fleetcoach – interactive, online driver training, scientifically proven to reduce crash risk, and designed for how busy adults learn
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Have a look at how Fleetcoach online driver training works

In just 2 minutes, see how we coach drivers to improve their essential higher-level driving skills – skills that are directly transferable to real-life situations and keep drivers safer on the road.

Find out how Fleetcoach makes it easy for you to manage your risk

Find out how Fleetcoach makes it easy for you to manage your risk

From one-off risk assessments to ongoing, comprehensive training, Fleetcoach is the easy, effective way to help you meet your Health & Safety needs and keep to your budget.

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