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Training safer drivers

Successful organisations view safety as an asset and Health and Safety spending as an investment.  Organisations with safer drivers:

  • Train their staff to make better choices
  • Develop better driver attitudes
  • Create safer behaviours and awareness
  • Understand the impact of workplace driver culture
  • Manage their on-road risk
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Insights to learn, skills to drive

Safer drivers make better choices. They understand how to exhibit safer behaviours on the road and the contributing factors to making those choices. Through self-evaluation, self-awareness and learning the right skills, safer drivers can:

  • Create long lasting change
  • Match skills and confidence
  • Take ownership of their driver behaviour
  • Make better decisions
  • Train their higher-level driving skills
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Can't see the risk? Are you looking?

Organisations have moral and legal responsibilities to keep their staff safe. Those that care about their staff show a commitment to safety, make ongoing training a priority, and:

  • Set clear expectations around safe driving
  • Embrace shared responsibilities
  • Understand their moral and legal obligations
  • Ensure all staff get home safe and healthy
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Fleetcoach drives safety into Central Government

There are no shortcuts to any place worth going, just ask the Department of Conservation who, after partnering with Fleetcoach, has found success incorporating driver training into their central government operations.

Read how they are using Fleetcoach to reduce their incidents, accidents and foster a wider culture of safety and wellbeing within the organisation.

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Training your way

Everyone deserves to get home safely at the end of the day. Fleetcoach's online driver training programmes help companies create safer environments and proactive health and wellbeing cultures. By partnering with Fleetcoach, you can achieve the best outcomes for your staff and driving programmes.

Identify your at-risk drivers

Enterprise Risk Assessment is the place to start when you want to find out who's most at risk. You can then prioritise your training - and start making positive change immediately.

Train your drivers

Health and Safety is a big responsibility for any organisation, and one that extends far beyond the office. That's quite the challenge - but Fleetcoach Essentials is your workplace online driver training solution.

Show your commitment to safety

Fleetcoach Premium is a comprehensive solution that reflects your commitment to safety, providing your drivers with ongoing online training to keep it a top priority.

Many of our staff commented that Fleetcoach training had helped remind them of the dangers and become more aware of potential hazards. I would certainly recommend Fleetcoach as an initiative to focus on driver approach, attitude and awareness.

David Wilkinson | Health and Safety Manager | Gisborne District Council

Training that understands your business

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Supporting you all the way

Ensure the success of your driver training programme with our expert implementation and administration support.

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Easily integrate into your LMS

Integrate Fleetcoach into your Learning Management System for a consistent learning environment and a single point of course management.

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Works within busy schedules

Practical, relevant and safe driver training programmes can be completed online, anywhere, anytime, suiting even the busiest of work schedules.

Drive your culture of health, safety and wellbeing with Australasia's leading online driver training provider.

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