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Managing polices and declarations just got easier!

Declarations is a fantastic new product from Fleetcoach, designed to simplify your declarations and attestations process.
An example of how a declaration is presented, ready to be accepted by the recipient.

Monday morning, 9am.

The weekend is fading into distant memory as you prise open the laptop and realise… it’s declaration renewal time. Woohoo!

While renewing staff policies, declarations and attestations is a scenario that plays out across the country every week (not just on a Monday), the “Woohoo!” is not.

Which is why we’ve created a new application to help make declarations an effortless, and possibly even enjoyable, experience for everyone.

Use it for:

  • Company Vehicle Policies
  • Company Grey Fleet Policies
  • Health and Safety Policies
  • FBT Attestations
  • And any other company declaration or attestation 

Create your declaration, add your recipients email addresses, and send. Done online in your browser – when we say effortless, we mean it!

Email out to one person, 2,500 people, or any number in-between. The recipient gets a unique link to their declarations which they then read and accept (or not). The process is easily done on a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, wherever they read their emails.

Your declarations can be a one off, or set them to renew anywhere from one month to five years later.

And when your declaration needs updating, Fleetcoach Declarations has a versioning process that is just as easy to use. Update the declaration to a new version, keep the old one on file, and maintain the history of when and which version your staff signed.

Fleetcoach Declarations can save you time and give you both peace of mind and confidence that all ‘required paperwork’ is up to date, on hand, and completed for another term - no paper required! Woohoo!

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