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A lighthearted take on a serious subject...

A slightly different view on some of the things you can do to keep safe on the road when you are on holiday.

Nagging is no fun for anyone.

Which is why we’re not going to go on about all the holiday driving ‘safety tips’ that you’ve heard plenty of times before.

But they are important, so here is a wrap of some great reminders we have found to consider when driving during the holidays:

  • Fresh air is good! Turn off the aircon, open those windows and make the drive part of the adventure. (Maybe not when you are travelling through Rotorua though. Sorry Rotorua.)
  • The parcel shelf is not actually for parcels! For those of us old enough to remember all the extra baggage (presents, beach bags or children) going on the shelf behind the back seat this is no longer okay. Loose objects are dangerous, so keep that area empty.
  • Reverse park. It may take a few extra minutes when you arrive, but it could literally be a life saver when you leave.
  • Inflation is not just for pool toys. Check your tyres, and while you’re at it check your warrant, registration and fluid levels (in the car, that is).
  • Check yourself. Make sure you are well rested. Plan the route, including scheduled stops if it’s a long drive. Sort the music and check 'personal' fluid levels before you take off, does anyone need a drink, or alternatively, need the toilet?
  • Congestion wouldn’t exist if you were the only one on the road! Be smart around traffic jams, everyone is in the same situation so spare a thought for others. You’ll all get there eventually and taking it slow is part of a great holiday. have some great ideas for apps to help make the trip more enjoyable, for both the driver and the passenger/s (possibly not both at the same time though). Here are a few from them, along with a couple more you probably know about already:

  • Find my parked car
  • Spotify
  • Audible
  • 1 second everyday  
  • Sago Mini Friends (for those 1-3 years old)
  • Toca Nature (3-5 years)
  • Think Rolls 2 (5-7 years)
  • Pokemon Go! (7+ years)

And if you’re going off road, try making a 4x4 adventure movie! Most smartphones now have the ability to record and edit videos on the go – just think of the theme and let your imagination take over.

If you’re a regular reader of our blogs, you are aware we like to give a shout out to others who have great topical ideas. So, thanks to the following for the one’s we talked about here: Stuff Motoring, NZ Automobile Association, and

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