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New training course for passenger van drivers out now

Driving a large passenger van comes with different risks to driving a car.
Happy driver and passengers of large 12-seater transit van

We’re excited to release a new Fleetcoach short course for drivers of passenger vans. This course aims to help fleet managers equip their people with the knowledge and skills to operate these larger vehicles safely. Because, let’s face it, driving a 12-seater van differs quite a bit from driving a car!

Fleetcoach Chief Operating Officer Craig Cockerton says it is essential that organisations with larger passenger vehicles in their fleets manage and mitigate associated risks. "Assuming that an employee will be safe behind the wheel of any vehicle within a particular class, just because they have a driver’s licence, is risky for both businesses and their employees,” he says.

“We hope that this training will be a go-to resource for health and safety professionals, HR managers, and fleet managers to enhance the safety and wellbeing of their employees.”

The new course has been enhanced with interactive learning content, text-to-speech support, and closed-captioned videos. It’s designed to accommodate users with varying literacy levels, aligning with Fleetcoach's goal to make driver training more accessible and engaging for everyone.  

This new course is available to organisations in New Zealand and Australia, a welcome addition to our Safety and Wellbeing subscriptions.

Discover how this new module can complement your current health and safety strategies:  

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