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New release: Driving Electric Vehicles.

Training to prepare for the day-to-day practical aspects of driving an EV.
Happy electric vehicle driver charging at a EV station.

We’re pleased to announce the release of our latest course, Driving Electric Vehicles.

EV’s are currently a hot topic, especially among fleet buyers, and this is a course designed to help transition drivers away from the internal combustion engine and prepare for the driving environment of an electric vehicle.

Driving Electric Vehicles builds on our original Electric Vehicles course - we regenerate the conversation on regenerative braking. We talk torque. We handle the handling benefits of full battery electric vehicles. And we give a shout out to the quietness of EV’s. All in the context of actually driving one!

We also discuss the ‘how to’ when charging your EV, as well as explaining some of the etiquette at charging stations – although you will need to discover the secret handshake yourself (please note: there may not actually be a secret handshake).

It’s looking likely that EV’s are the future of driving, so now is the time to learn more! And did you know driving an EV doesn’t just have environmental benefits? There has been a study showing the less noise and increased comfort of the driving environment in an EV can have significant mental health benefits! Click to read more about the benefits of a quieter ride.

To find out about Driving Electric Vehicles, and refresh your memory on our other courses, visit

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