We will be at the National Safety Show from June 23-25, will you?

Here's some food for thought for employers!

Speed limits, fines, rules... would we be freer without them?

What about getting your kids involved in road safety? Here are some fun ideas..

There are a lot of reasons why humans get distracted. It's an important issue, and there's a good reason why Fleetcoach offers a module on distraction and inattention while driving. In fact, the data suggests it's an incredibly complex issue, and new and different types of distractions turn up in the studies all the time.

... And other myths about hazards.

We have the great opportunity to chat to lots of different drivers and learn about the way they drive and what they think about their own driving. Below are three of the most common comments that we hear and an explanation of why they might not be as accurate as you thought.

...and it's slowing us all down. Why do traffic jams happen? Well, you might have seen the Auckland Transport campaign 'Spread the Jam'...

Fleetcoach were among the proud sponsors of the Positive Psychology Association Conference held at the University of Waikato a couple of weeks ago. 

You're a responsible employer, you make training available to your staff. How can you make sure they actually do it?

Why do we often not notice change as it happens? Read on to find out.