Blog: Fleetcoach in your organisation

You're a responsible employer, you make training available to your staff. How can you make sure they actually do it?

Read on for a document that promises to make a very important task more manageable. 

Interested in a webinar summing up a pile of latest research and insights relevant to keeping staff safe while they drive?

We're sure you don't. What about 6 ways to reduce them then? Read on...

In 2012–13 work accidents cost Australia a whopping total of over 60 billion dollars. Safe Work Month is here, and it's important. 

If you're an administrator, a user, or driver... these two new things are for you. 

We would never simply say 'never ever drink and drive', and here's exactly why not. 

There are different ways to motivate people. Here's a story to illustrate just what we mean by that!

The new speed specific skills module will provide coaching all about ​speed and your relationship with it. It's delivered in our usual light but scientifically proven style, so you know you'll learn a thing or two!

By now, you’re counting down the hours to your well-deserved get-away over Easter. Before you jump in the car, just remember to take extra care when travelling this long weekend...