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Having the resources to help yourself, or someone else, can save someone's day. Being prepared to step up when needed can save someone's life.

It could be as simple as having the right tools on hand - because you never know what might be around the corner.

Speed limits, fines, rules... would we be freer without them?

What about getting your kids involved in road safety? Here are some fun ideas..

There are a lot of reasons why humans get distracted. It's an important issue, and there's a good reason why Fleetcoach offers a module on distraction and inattention while driving. In fact, the data suggests it's an incredibly complex issue, and new and different types of distractions turn up in the studies all the time.

Check out this gorgeous exchange between a Hamilton City Council worker and 11 year old Noah!

Check out this NRSPP thought leadership piece, where our Dr Robert Isler explores how mental health affects daily driving, particularly at work.

Do you know someone who isn't?

...and perhaps you need to relearn how to listen. 

... by challenging the wording on road signs!

One of them promises you'll ascend to a higher plane of being...