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...and it's slowing us all down. Why do traffic jams happen? Well, you might have seen the Auckland Transport campaign 'Spread the Jam'...

Fleetcoach were among the proud sponsors of the Positive Psychology Association Conference held at the University of Waikato a couple of weeks ago. 

Why do we often not notice change as it happens? Read on to find out. 

Read on for a document that promises to make a very important task more manageable. 

Check out this NRSPP thought leadership piece, where our Dr Robert Isler explores how mental health affects daily driving, particularly at work.

We can all agree that the advent of smart phones has meant a lot of changes. How does it affect our driving? And what can we do about it?

Here are some of the most impressive/shocking ones we've heard lately...

Think it's reckless speeders and drinkers that have the most accidents? Think again. 

Many Kiwis don't wear helmets, even though a helmet is there to protect their survival. Read on to find out why...

A stopped firetruck that is. We present the latest self-driving limitations, and why you need to know about them.