Blog: Events we're at

Fleetcoach were among the proud sponsors of the Positive Psychology Association Conference held at the University of Waikato a couple of weeks ago. 

We were at the Brake Road Safety awards on Thursday, and we won!

See who won at Safeguard, and what she'll do with her winnings.

Interested in a webinar summing up a pile of latest research and insights relevant to keeping staff safe while they drive?

We'll be at Safeguard this Wednesday and Thursday. See you there?

Wednesday and Thursday this week at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre - will you be there?

We'll be at the AfMA Conference this week - here's what we're looking forward to most!

In-car safety features... paving the road to complacency?

You phone an employee or colleague, and realise they're driving - what do you do? You're tired at the end of a long day, and you have a long drive home - would your manager suggest you book accommodation?

Accidents aren't preventable, we need to shift away from compliance mandates, and rule-based approaches don't work. Read about what we learnt at the Safeguard Conference last week!