New training plans replace Essentials and Premium

We've released a new set of subscription training plans which replace Essentials and Premium. If you're new to Fleetcoach you'll find information on these new plans here.

For Fleetcoach customers already using the Essentials and Premium programmes we'll continue to support these for the foreseeable future and one of our team will be in touch with you to discuss moving to one of the new plans.

Here's how Fleetcoach makes it easy for you to manage your on-road risk

With a range of programmes from one-off risk assessments to comprehensive, ongoing training, Fleetcoach is the easy, effective way to help you manage your drivers’ on-road risk, meet your Health & Safety needs, and keep to your budget.

Identify - Fleetcoach Enterprise Risk Assessment rating

I want to identify my at‑risk drivers

Our Enterprise Risk Assessment is the place to start when you want to find out who’s most at risk. You can then prioritise your training – and start making positive change immediately.

Train your company and fleet drivers with Fleetcoach Essentials

I want to train my drivers

Health and safety is a big responsibility for any organisation, and one that extends far beyond the office. That’s a big challenge – but Fleetcoach Essentials is your workplace driver safety solution.

Train your company and fleet drivers with Fleetcoach Premium

I want to manage my on‑road risk

Fleetcoach Premium is a long-term commitment to safety, providing your drivers with comprehensive, ongoing training to keep it a top priority and strengthen your Health & Safety culture.

Choose exactly what you need

Compare the features and benefits of each programme. Still unsure which programme is best for you? We're here to help.

Enterprise Risk Assessment
Essentials Premium
Comprehensive risk assessment
Downloadable risk profile report
Baseline Skills Check
Crucial higher-level skills coaching
Distraction & Inattention
Drugs & Alcohol
Electric Vehicles
Know your Vehicle
Slow Speed & Reversing
Loose Objects
Fuel-Efficient Driving
Ongoing releases of Coaching Modules
Annual refresher (with continued subscription)
Upgrade from Enterprise Risk Assessment
Downloadable certificate
Standard user reporting
Detailed user reporting
User transcript
Full User & Group management
Automated email reminders
Branded portal and vanity URL
Company/CEO message
LMS Integration
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