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New training plans replace Premium

We've released a new set of subscription training plans which replace our Enterprise Risk Assessment, Essentials and Premium programmes. If you're new to Fleetcoach you'll find information on these new plans here.

For Fleetcoach customers already using our classic programmes, we'll continue to support these for the foreseeable future. One of our team will be in touch with you to discuss moving to one of the new plans.

You want to manage your on‑road risk

Fleetcoach Premium

The most comprehensive programme available to manage on-road risk
Regular Coaching Modules and Annual Refreshers
Watch your staff’s on-road competency improve
Fleetcoach Premium - managing on-road risk

A commitment to safety

Every organisation with drivers on the road has drivers who are at risk. Fleetcoach Premium takes the safety of your drivers to the next level, providing them with comprehensive, ongoing training to ensure they have the right skills to stay safe on the road.

More than simply managing risk

Managing risk is important, but with Fleetcoach Premium you can do so much more. Premium represents a commitment to your drivers’ safety and complements and enhances your organisation’s safety culture.

It makes road safety an ongoing, key part of your drivers’ work lives – not just a one-off event.

Comprehensive driver training

Your drivers will be coached through the core Fleetcoach training, practicing their all-important higher-level driving skills on a variety of NewZealand roads. The core training also covers important areas such as road rules, best driver practice, and attitude.

Premium also includes a continually expanding series of Coaching Modules. These short modules cover a wide range of special driving topics such as Distraction and Inattention, Fatigue, Speed, Rules, and Slow Speed and Reversing. We understand that Health & Safety doesn’t sit in isolation from driving. Your drivers will also cover topics such as Stress and learn wellbeing techniques like Mindfulness.

A whole fleet of safer drivers

Premium keeps safety top-of-mind for your drivers. With ongoing training, your drivers will form good habits and safe driving will simply become the norm.

Whether you’ve already got a strong Health & Safety culture, or you’re working on strengthening it, you’ll find Fleetcoach Premium is a vital addition to your organisation.

Fleetcoach dynamic hazard perception trial

Training the crucial higher-level driving skills

The core Skills Awareness course ensures that drivers are coached on the crucial higher-level driving skills delivered using best practice techniques.

Skills Awareness begins with a visual search section to train eye movements, before continuing to build the driver's skills in hazard perception, and lastly risk management. Your drivers carry out the training to achieve a star rating; the minimum required for a pass is set at 3 Stars, but drivers can continue to achieve the highest 5 Star rating.

Driver's completing their Skills Awareness are awarded a Fleetcoach Certificate of Higher Order Skills (to download and print if they wish).

While the Skills Awareness course focuses on the crucial high-level skills, it also covers other important areas of driver training such as coverage of road rules, best driver practice, and attitude. As safe driving is also fuel-efficient driving, the techniques learned through the Skills Awareness course translate into sustainable driving outcomes.

Annual Refresher

Each year your drivers who remain on the Premium programme will receive an annual refresher with new content to keep their skills up to date. This means training is an ongoing process not a one-off exercise.

The Annual Refresher focuses on the crucial higher-level skills covered in the Skills Awareness course.
Person happy in the moment and not distracted by thoughts

A wide range of special driving-related topics

Fleetcoach Coaching Modules cover crucial driving related topics, collating the important information drivers need to know, and presenting it all in an easily digestible, enjoyable format.

We use our proven teaching methods to ensure users retain content, but keep it light and accessible for everyone.

New modules throughout the year

Users who are active on the Premium programme gain access to the new modules as they are released.

Person happy in the moment and not distracted by thoughts
Distraction & Inattention
Person celebrating being able to deal with fatigue
Driver choosing speed to match the conditions
Busy intersection with a car turning and others giving way
Person deciding whether to pick up alcohol, drugs, or car keys
Drugs & Alcohol
The driver of a quiet electric vehicle watching out for pedestrians
Electric Vehicles
Car dashboard with lots of buttons and knobs
Know Your Vehicle
Person seated at desk, stressed about the amount of work they have
Car showing signs of damage with bandaids
Slow Speed & Reversing
Person stowing items in a car boot
Loose Objects
Three 4x4 vehicles
Driver fueling up vehicle at a petrol station
Fuel-Efficient Driving
A person pointing in the same direction as a compass and following their values

Easy to administer

The​ easy-to-navigate backend provides full user management, allowing for multiple groups and sub-groups.

It comes with a full reporting suite, which gives you a high-level overview of how your staff are performing – as well as being able to see detailed training results for individual users.

Fleetcoach administration dashboard
People jumping for joy at exciting news
You spoke, we listened.

The results are a new way of buying and using driver training.

A solution that works for you when your drivers change and with the flexibility to perfectly match your training needs and budget. All built around our market-leading, evidence-based training programmes.