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New training plans replace Essentials

We've released a new set of subscription training plans which replace our Enterprise Risk Assessment, Essentials and Premium programmes. If you're new to Fleetcoach you'll find information on these new plans here.

For Fleetcoach customers already using our classic programmes, we'll continue to support these for the foreseeable future. One of our team will be in touch with you to discuss moving to one of the new plans.

You want to train your drivers

Fleetcoach Essentials

The easy way to meet your Health & Safety duties
Build higher‑level driving skills to minimise crash risk
Bonus Coaching Module on Distraction and Inattention
Fleetcoach Essentials - train your drivers

Start your driver training

Health & Safety is an important responsibility for any organisation, and one where your risks extend far beyond the office. Fleetcoach Essentials provides you with an effective solution to manage those risks and keep your drivers safe on the road.

Meet your responsibilities

Every single one of your drivers can benefit from Essentials. Putting your staff through Essentials demonstrates that you take your Health & Safety responsibilities seriously. At the same time, it reduces the likelihood of your drivers being involved in a collision.

Essential driver training

Your drivers will be coached through the core Fleetcoach training, practicing their all-important higher-level driving skills on a variety of New Zealand or Australian roads. The core training also covers important areas such as road rules, best driver practice, and attitude.

The programme also includes a Coaching Module on the important subject of Distraction and Inattention.

Easy and convenient

As well as showing that your organisation is committed to road safety, Fleetcoach is convenient for your staff and their managers.

There are no facilitators to book, so drivers can take their training at any time, and it doesn’t have to all be done at once. They can do it wherever is best for them – as long as they have a suitable computer or device and an internet connection – and can take breaks whenever they like.

Fleetcoach dynamic hazard perception trial

Training the crucial higher-level driving skills

The core Skills Awareness course ensures that drivers are coached on the crucial higher-level driving skills delivered using best practice techniques.

Skills Awareness begins with a visual search section to train eye movements, before continuing to build the driver's skills in hazard perception, and lastly risk management. Your drivers carry out the training to achieve a star rating; the minimum required for a pass is set at 3 Stars, but drivers can continue to achieve the highest 5 Star rating.

Driver's completing their Skills Awareness are awarded a Fleetcoach Certificate of Higher Order Skills (to download and print if they wish).

While the Skills Awareness course focuses on the crucial high-level skills, it also covers other important areas of driver training such as coverage of road rules, best driver practice, and attitude. As safe driving is also fuel-efficient driving, the techniques learned through the Skills Awareness course translate into sustainable driving outcomes.

Person happy in the moment and not distracted by thoughts

Distraction and Inattention

Essentials comes with a bonus Coaching Module on Distraction and Inattention.

Our vision is so important when we drive but being distracted causes us to ‘see without seeing’ and miss some really important information coming at us from our environments. There are many different types of distractions, and there are ways in which all of us can learn to deal with these better, so we can prepare for them.

The Distraction & Inattention module tells your drivers everything they need to know about the science of distraction, the dangers if it’s not addressed, and the things they can do to make sure they’re protected. We’ve taken our scientifically proven coaching approach, and made sure it’s light, fun and interesting.

For more Coaching Modules, see the Premium programme.

Easy to administer

The​ easy-to-navigate backend provides full user management, allowing for multiple groups and sub-groups.

It comes with a full reporting suite, which gives you a high-level overview of how your staff are performing – as well as being able to see detailed training results for individual users.

Fleetcoach administration dashboard

Looking for a more comprehensive solution?

Fleetcoach Premium is the most comprehensive programme available to manage your on‑road risk. It expands on Essentials by offering regular Coaching Modules and annual refreshers.

People jumping for joy at exciting news
You spoke, we listened.

The results are a new way of buying and using driver training.

A solution that works for you when your drivers change and with the flexibility to perfectly match your training needs and budget. All built around our market-leading, evidence-based training programmes.