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New training plans replace Enterprise Risk Assessment

We've released a new set of subscription training plans which replace our Enterprise Risk Assessment, Essentials and Premium programmes. If you're new to Fleetcoach you'll find information on these new plans here.

For Fleetcoach customers already using our classic programmes, we'll continue to support these for the foreseeable future. One of our team will be in touch with you to discuss moving to one of the new plans.

You want to identify your at‑risk drivers

Fleetcoach Enterprise Risk Assessment

Find out who your most at‑risk drivers are
See where you need to provide further training
Run a quick and easy pre‑employment check
Fleetcoach Enterprise Risk Assessment - identifying on-road-risk

Identify where your risk is

Enterprise Risk Assessment is the place to start when you want to find out where your risk is. Once you understand your risk you can prioritise your training and start making positive change immediately.

How it helps you

The Enterprise Risk Assessment allows you to identify your at-risk drivers by measuring their higher-level driving skills – which are scientifically proven to be most directly related to crash risk. You can find out how skilled your drivers are at assessing risk, scanning for hazards, and how they manage driving situations.

Knowing this will help you decide the next steps to take. You’ll discover who needs more training, and how soon that training needs to happen.

An effective screening tool

It can also be used as a quick and effective pre-employment check for job candidates, so you can factor their on-road risk and attitudes into your hiring decisions – before you find out the hard way.

After all, a big part of managing risk is knowing where the risk is in the first place.

What comes next

The Enterprise Risk Assessment is an easy, cost effective way to understand your on-road risk and begin to manage it.

As well as being a valuable stand-alone tool, it directly feeds into our other programmes: Essentials and Premium.

Fleetcoach dynamic hazard perception trial

How do we do it?

The Enterprise Risk Assessment measures higher-level driving skills – these are the ones scientifically proven to be most directly related to crash risk.

They’re the skills ​​we use as drivers when we assess risky situations, look around for hazards and decide how to manage scenarios. The risk ratings are based on data taken from over 15,000 drivers, so you can be sure they’re accurate and meaningful.

Enterprise Risk Assessment rating

What do you get?

Every driver who completes the 10-minute risk assessment gets their own risk profile report.

This identifies their risk rating, including what skills were measured, how we rank their driving skill, and what comes next. Your organisation has access to these individual risk profile reports, as well as ​enterprise-wide reporting.

What comes next?

Once you've identified your at-risk drivers you'll need to provide them with some training. That's where the Fleetcoach training programmes come in.

If your drivers have completed the Enterprise Risk Assessment, they'll be able to go straight into the full training without needing to repeat any of the assessment. We retain a full training history for every user, so you can see their progress all the way through.

People jumping for joy at exciting news
You spoke, we listened.

The results are a new way of buying and using driver training.

A solution that works for you when your drivers change and with the flexibility to perfectly match your training needs and budget. All built around our market-leading, evidence-based training programmes.