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This article covers new Fleetcoach. If the screenshots or information doesn't look like what you're seeing, please see the Classic Fleetcoach article.

What skills does Fleetcoach cover?

Fleetcoach driver training focuses on Skills Awareness and covers the crucial higher-level skills of Visual Search, Hazard Perception and Risk Management. Additionally, other courses cover specific topics such as Fuel-Efficient Driving.

Fleetcoach categorises the skills taught into Awareness and Risk Management.

In the first category we cover situational and hazard awareness (being aware of the traffic situation and hazards around you), road rules, and how to identify whether something is someone else's mistake (and using defensive driving) or your own. Risk Management involves managing things like distractions, fatigue, road conditions, as well as your own attitude as a driver. It also allows you to train and practice the skills required to anticipate risk so you can act before it encroaches upon your space.

Different road environments, weather conditions and road rules are all woven throughout the videos you'll see, so there's a realistic depiction of a broad range of situations you will encounter on the road.

Additionally, other courses cover specific topics. These courses are designed to hone in on specific skills, and give you in-depth information about the topic.

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