So, you want to train your drivers

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Fleetcoach Essentials:

  • The easy way to meet your Health & Safety duties
  • Build higher‑level driving skills to minimise crash risk
  • Bonus skills module on Distraction and Inattention

What is Fleetcoach Essentials?

If you want to address an identified risk with any or all of your drivers, or you simply want to ensure everyone’s had driver safety training, Essentials is the programme for you.

Its focus is on building those higher-level driving skills that are crucial for minimising crash risk on the road. You’ll even get a bonus specific skills module on Distraction and Inattention.

What do you get?

Your users will start with a Skills Check that’ll take them around 10 minutes. This is so Fleetcoach can assess their skill level, as well as their attitude towards safe driving. After they've completed the Skills check, they’ll move on to the training course. They’ll spend about 90 minutes on this, which includes a complete curriculum that builds on each skill before moving to the next.

The course doesn't need to be done in one hit. Users can take a break and come back at any time to complete their training. Once they've completed it they can download a Fleetcoach Certificate of Higher Level Driving Skills to show their competency.

Essentials comes with a bonus Specific Skills module, where in 20 minutes your users will learn all they need to know about Distraction and Inattention behind the wheel.

It's evidence based

Fleetcoach’s training is entirely evidence-based and has been developed based on well-researched psychological principles. ​Completing the course ​means users have mastered essential skills – and gives you the peace of mind that they're getting the best training available. 

Easy to administer

The​ easy-to-navigate backend provides full user management, allowing for multiple groups and sub-groups, and you can upgrade your Enterprise Risk Assessment users for further training at any stage. 

It comes with a full reporting suite, which gives you a high-level overview of how your staff are performing – as well as being able to see detailed training results for individual users.

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Looking for a more comprehensive solution?

Fleetcoach Premium is the most comprehensive programme available to manage your on‑road risk. It expands on Essentials by offering regular specific skills modules and annual refreshers. 

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