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Do you like statistics?

Here are some of the most impressive/shocking ones we've heard lately...

As you know, we recently went to the AFMA conference. We've been chatting over our favourite statistic-based learnings we took away from the day. Here's a little round up of our top 5 - we think these numbers are pretty impressive - and not necessarily all in a good way!

  • There is a net growth of 400,000 vehicles on Australian roads each year (primarily due to population growth). Imagine that - it's nearly half a million extra vehicles every year!
  • It’s estimated that 19,000 business in Australia operate fleets with more than 20 vehicles. Those 19,000 businesses own 2.1 million vehicles. That's quite a lot of you that spend your work-days driving!
  • 419,00 businesses have a business fleet, which means 400,000 businesses operate fleets up to 19 vehicles. At the top end it’s estimated that 1,000 businesses operate fleets of 200 or more vehicles. Imagine having 200 vehicles to keep track of!
  • There are 41,000 operators of heavy vehicles in Australia, 70% operate 1 truck, 24% operate 2-5 trucks and 6% operate 6 or more trucks.
  • 33,000 people are hospitalised each year in Australia due to road accidents. We know that the focus on reporting tends to be fatalities, but 33,000 hospitalised is a huge number that shouldn’t be ignored. That's a phenomenal number, and we do what we do to try and lower it!

We'd love to hear which impressive stats you've heard lately - either at AFMA or elsewhere!

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