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Road safety is a critical health and safety issue

Health and Safety laws place expectations and responsibilities on businesses and other organisations to ensure everyone who goes to work comes home healthy and safe. Employers have clear legal obligations for work-related road safety and need to take ownership of the issue.

As an employer, your ability to influence your drivers’ behaviour and enhance your driving culture is critical to doing your part in improving road safety. While we all have a responsibility to make good choices and follow the rules, as a government agency you play a crucial role in not only the safety of your employees, but in setting a best practice example for other businesses and organisations.

You don’t have to do it alone. Fleetcoach's online driver training plans help you create safer environments and build a proactive health and wellbeing culture. By partnering with Fleetcoach you can achieve the best outcomes for your staff and driving programmes.

Fleetcoach drives safety into Central Government

There are no shortcuts to any place worth going, just ask the Department of Conservation who, after partnering with Fleetcoach, has found success incorporating driver training into their central government operations.

Read how they are using Fleetcoach to reduce their incidents, accidents and foster a wider culture of safety and wellbeing within the organisation.

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Gisborne District Council takes proactive approach to driver safety

We know that some businesses do not treat road safety risks the same way that they would treat similar work-related risks. Gisborne District Council are showing admirable leadership in improving road safety by adopting a proactive approach to driver safety.

Read why they chose Fleetcoach to address their risk, improve driver behaviour and reduce their incident frequency.

Special Government Pricing

Build a strong driver safety culture within your organisation with the Fleetcoach Wellbeing plan and our special Government pricing. No minimum quantities to purchase, just choose the number of training seats you need and get started.


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