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NCR chose the most effective way to help their people avoid harm.

NCR are vigilant when it comes to the safety and health of their employees and have found the most effective way to help their people avoid harm, worldwide, is training.

Staff were, without prompting, able to identify for themselves the right content in the learning system for ongoing training when they needed it after an incident. This is the first time we have seen this behaviour.

Speeding incidents reduced by 40% and incidents with damage reduced by 38%.

Global POS and ATM software provider NCR are number one in their field for a good reason

They are a universally inclusive company that take their responsibility as a member of the global business community very seriously.

In 2020 NCR Australia wanted to improve the quality of their operations

With this in mind they set the following goals, to be safer, be more sustainable and reduce fleet costs.

The Regional Senior Manager of Business Operations, Vladimir Popovic said “NCR technicians drive in some of the most congested, high-traffic volume areas in Australasia, and travel long distances to surrounding urban centres.” Because of the risk of harm due to these factors, Vladimir looked at how to help his drivers, and training was the first solution to come to mind.

Which is where his relationship with Fleetcoach began. While telematics helped identify sub-optimal behaviours, Vladimir “sought to change these behaviours” to create a fleet of safer drivers. In addition to the incidents involving NCR drivers, he also identified a considerable number of third party fault incidents. Trying to reduce these expensive and potentially harmful events at first seemed out of their control. That was before NCR found the right training which ensured their drivers were more aware of not only their own driving, but what other drivers may (or may not) be doing.

This is exactly the solution provided by Fleetcoach

The higher-level driving skills of Visual Search, Hazard Perception and Risk Management are what make Fleetcoach’s training so effective in helping drivers stay safer. It means they are more likely to avoid a situation instead of having to take evasive action. The extra short courses included in the plan chosen by NCR had the added benefit of helping drivers self-evaluate their behaviours, providing the lasting effects which the organisation was after.

Vladimir explains, “We use information collected from our in-vehicle monitoring systems to help us improve driver behaviour and support safety culture to reduce harm an reduce expenditure on fleet repairs and maintenance.”.

NCR began pairing that information with Fleetcoach training in March 2021 and the results showed both a positive change in driving behaviour and a reduction in risk-of-harm incidents. This led to updated performance measures that focused on Safety, Quality, Delivery and Cost.

“Safety is our top priority.”, Vladimir expands on that by saying NCR provide safe vehicles but also recognises the role people play in road safety. Providing driver training as one of the essential tools of learning, along with feedback on driving behaviour strengthens the safe driving attitude and adds more to the all-round culture of safety.

Fleetcoach is optimised for the safer driver approach with evidence-based content and learning scenarios that are engineered to address the attitudes that affect driving behaviour. It uses a positive psychology and wellbeing approach to ensure greater engagement. “Our staff are now choosing to take self-paced guided deep dives into critical topics like speed, distraction, and inattention, to make informed conscious decisions about how or whether they drive in any situation.”

Other alternatives like group based or in-car training were not only logistically difficult, they were also not possible during times of restricted movement and gathering in 2021.

This was further intensified by the different rules in different states across Australia. Add to that the repetition it takes to change driver behaviour and it could have taken NCR 18 months or more to see tangible results.

The results gained through Fleetcoach in the first year of training were significant, and showed themselves in three quite different ways:

  • People led engagement and ownership of the results. Fleetcoach training “gave NCR drivers autonomy, so they choose the time, place and duration for their learning.” This in turn led to deeper engagement and commitment to multiple self-paced sessions.
  • Improved skills. Crucial driving skills increased more than two-fold.
  • Safer driving behaviour. 12 months after training with Fleetcoach, NCR recorded the following:
    Over speeding incidents reduced by 40%
    Incidents with damage reduced by 38%

While speeding notifications to staff only caused short term changes, when coupled with training and feedback real and long-term reductions were recorded.

NCR saw their drivers strengthen their skills as well as their general driving attitudes and behaviour. After highlighting the benefits of self-paced learning Vladimir, and NCR, were inspired to look into the behavioural aspects of driving going forward.

Using Fleetcoach training as part of their holistic approach, which also included measurement, reporting, data, positive reinforcement, non-punitive coaching and feedback, NCR could optimise the results and act on those results. It enabled them to see any areas around driving that needed revisiting or additional training, and proactively identify drivers that may need assistance in the different areas covered by training.

This strengthens NCR’s awareness when it comes to the safety and health of their employees, along with the culture of safety within the organisation, and the general wellbeing of the business.

We know that the way we drive is the way we work and the way we live - Vladimir and NCR are working hard to ensure the relationship between all aspects of daily life become more positive over time.

And Fleetcoach are proud to be a part of that work!

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