We're over the moon!

So, as we told you about a little while ago, we were lucky enough to be shortlisted for a Brake Charity Australasian Fleet Safety Award. Well, come awards night, we found ourselves going home with not one, but two of the five overall awards!

We were awarded the Fleet Safety product award for Fleetcoach, and our Head of Research was recognised for his contribution to the field with an 'Outstanding Comittment to Road Safety' Award.

The awards purpose are to 'recognise the achievements of those working to help reduce the number of road crashes involving at-work drivers in the Australasia region. They celebrate and share best practice in managing road risk.'

Brake's own write up of the event included this lovely piece on Robert:

This year's award for outstanding commitment to road safety went to Dr Robert Isler, who has put his passion for making our roads safer into driver behaviour research and creating technological solutions. With more than 25 years' experience in road safety research, he has a strong national and international reputation. He pioneered work on a head-mounted 'eye-tracker', which showed that eye movements control to a large degree how drivers move their steering wheel. It also showed that effective eye-scanning behaviour and hazard perception skills can be trained in both laboratory and real driving situations. Using these findings, he developed a number of interactive multimedia training programs, which led to the development of e-Drive and Fleetcoach systems.

We're grateful to all the entrants, because we're all working together for the same purpose, making our roads a safer place. We're also grateful to Brake Charity for the support, and to each and every one of our customers - it is through your recognition of this essential effort that we can do the work we do. Thank you. 

You can find out about Brake here, the awards here and the other winners here