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These things will make your life easier... we're sure of it

If you're an administrator, a user, or driver... these two new things are for you.

Fleetcoach has exciting news! We've launched two brand new features: LMS integration, and licence management. Okay, those terms may not seem wildly exciting right now but wait until we tell you what they do...

LMS integration:

Does your organisation already use a Learning Management System? Like, say Moodle, or Totara? Well now, you can manage Fleetcoach from within the system you already use with our newly added support for the Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) standard! No faffing about logging in and out of systems, learning a new one, (or trying to teach a new one....) nope, we've listened to what our customers want, and we've made it so you can use what you already have, to administer Fleetcoach.

Administrators can now:

  • Manage courses
  • Manage users
  • Get driver results back (risk ratings or star ratings, depending on your subscription)

All through your existing supported LMS system!

Users can now register for Fleetcoach through your existing supported LMS as well. For more detailed reporting you'll still be able to log in via the usual Fleetcoach system, but all the top level stuff is now found where you're already spending your time.

Driver licence management:

Do all your employees have licences? Are you sure? What class? When do they expire? If you're a driver, are you sure your own licence hasn't expired?

The new Fleetcoach driver licence management system stores all of this information securely, in the one place. As an administrator, you'll be able to

  • Manage expiry dates
  • Capture endorsements and classes
  • Record whether you've visually sighted the licence in question
  • Receive notifications of whether an employee's licence is expiring
  • See full reports on the status of all your drivers' licences

And for drivers - they'll get notifications when their licences are approaching expiry, so they can do something about it. If it gets too close to the date, the admin is looped in as well.

Fleetcoach Driver Licence management is available for our New Zealand Premium subscribers and available to their users registered on the Premium programme. Talk to our team to find out how to get this setup for your organisation.

Just another way we are helping you meet your obligations, and make it as easy as humanly possible to do so!

We'd love feedback on the new features - contact us and let us know what you think!

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