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That's a terrible resolution!

We're here to help you make better resolutions.

Those three little words. We reckon you're probably already tired of them! 'New Years Resolution'. The dreary stats tell us that most of us will last about 3 days and that the vast majority don't last even close to the full year.

But what if the problem was that the resolution you're setting, is actually unachievable? Not because it's too lofty or you aren't good enough, but simply because it's not entirely within your control? Consider the following passage, taken from this excellent blog article on the subject:

Your friend tells you... “I think my biggest goal for this year is to change the color of the sky. I’m thinking… yellow. Like, a smokey, muted sort of look? I just think that would work really well for me.”

You’d laaaaaaugh because that is car-razy. No one in their right mind would make a goal based on something they have no control over, right?

And yet so many of us do this!

We set goals or make resolutions about things that are largely beyond our control. We set goals like “get a book deal,” “buy a house,” or “have a kid.”

Are you directly responsible for the ups and downs of the publishing industry? Do you set the mortgage rates? Can you will yourself and your partner into fertility?

No? Me neither! So let’s stop setting goals and resolutions we can’t control.

So here at the Fleetcoach offices, the team have been turning our minds to setting resolutions we have a chance at keeping.

Don't say 'I'll have a crash free year' or 'I won't get any road rage at all this year' or 'I'll avoid all traffic'. Because these things simply aren't entirely in your control.

Instead try these:

  • NO: I'll never get road rage again
  • YES: I'll keep snacks and water in the car, because I know I get hangry when unexpected traffic hits
  • NO: I'll be the best driver in my organisation
  • YES: I'll do the free driver training my company offers, and ask questions about anything I don't understand
  • NO: I'll make sure everyone wants to be a passenger in my car
  • YES: I'll ask passengers what they think of my driving, because I know I tend to overestimate my skills, and I'd like people who drive with me to feel safe and comfortable.

We'd love to hear yours! Contact us and let us know your goals and resolutions for the year.

Happy 2018 from the Fleetcoach Team, let's make this year a safe one.

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