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New drug and alcohol module now live!

Cheers! Our substances module is ready for you, here's what's in it.

We're thrilled to announce our brand new Fleetcoach module, which is all about substances and how they relate to you hopping behind the wheel. Yes, most of the time, any information about substances and driving consists of two things: 'it's not a great thing to do' and also 'don't do it!' However, at Fleetcoach we're known for taking a wider look, and so of course we've done that with this topic too.

This module teaches a wide variety of things such as:

  • Why we use substances, and why sometimes it can seem like such a good idea
  • Unexpected areas of life that might suffer a toll when you use drugs or alcohol
  • How to tell if someone else is driving under the influence
  • Exactly which driving skills are affected when you drink
  • Help with decision making when making choices relating to substances
  • How to talk to someone else you're worried about and where you might go for help
  • A special section for more experienced drivers, explaining how drugs and alcohol affect those who have been driving safely for decades

Of course we've included loads of practical tips, and lots of useful facts about drinking/using drugs and driving, including fines and what the limits are. But as always we know you'll make your own choices, and we want to assist with that first and foremost.

Have a look on your dashboard to give it a go, or talk to us about how your staff can get access. We learnt heaps while creating it, and we'd love to hear what you learnt too - let us know your thoughts!

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