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How well do you know your vehicle?

Our cars are often central to our lives and work. But how many of us really know the essentials before we drive?

Have you ever been allocated a work or pool vehicle without a rundown of the basics? Would you say you fully 'trust' your vehicle? And have you ever thought that the more safety features you have, the less attention you have to pay?

This module is all about the essentials you need to know about the vehicle you're driving. Whether it's your personal car, a work one, or one you're borrowing for a quick trip to a client meeting, there is actually quite a lot you should be aware of before you get behind the wheel.

The new Fleetcoach 'Know Your Vehicle' module covers:

  • Why you need to know the car before you drive it (we wouldn’t just expect you to blindly follow instructions)
  • What can happen if you don’t
  • How you can benefit if you do
  • How interacting with a smart car can affect your driving

Plus handy downloadable cheat-sheets and checklists, and some fascinating history behind some of the features of our cars we've come to take for granted!

Because it's a Fleetcoach module, you know you're getting something a little bit different. We don't preach, and we won't say unreasonable things like 'read the car's instruction manual from cover to cover'. Just all the information you need, taking into account the particular situation you might be in.

Our Premium subscribers will find this new module on their dashboards. Come and have a chat to us if your organisation is interested in becoming a Premium subscriber.

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