Hamilton City Council and an 11 year old boy

Here's one for the 'warm fuzzies' files! We learned of a lovely interaction between one of our staff members' children, and the School Travel Coordinator at the Hamilton City Council, Cameron Ward. We felt we just couldn't not share it with you! 

Here's what happened. 11 year old Noah came up with a great idea, and decided it should be shared. So he wrote to the council with the suggestion, and got a personalised letter back, discussing the matter further and explaining what solutions are already in place. Turns out, not even we knew about the current solution, so we learnt something too! Read on for more information, and the entire letters are below for your enjoyment. I think we can all agree the spelling standard is in fact excellent, on both!

"Dear Hamilton City Council" writes Noah. "I'm writing to you because of an idea I have". He goes on to detail his idea, which we here at Fleetcoach think is a fantastic one! It involves allowing more time for those who might need it at pedestrian crossings. He suggests that those who are very young or have disabilities might get 7 extra seconds. He offers his address (redacted) in case of a reply, and apologises for his spelling. Cam's reply includes an explanation of how crossings outside schools and retirement homes do in fact have more time built in, as well as places where large groups are likely to cross. 

"I've never been a great speller either" finishes Cam, and ends up making Noah's day with a free zoo voucher. 

We loved it!