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Thinking inside the box – Fleetcoach Live! on the small screen.

Due to travel restrictions, Fleetcoach's interactive safety session, Fleetcoach Live! went online in 2020. Here's a summary of how it went...

It started like a scene from an 80’s television commercial: Jim told Elie, Elie told two workmates, and they told two workmates, and so on, and so on…. Until the screen was filled with faces!

And what exactly was the hot topic of discussion? The Atlas Copco Annual Safety Day, of course!

With international pandemic restrictions in place, Elie Zeidan, the Oceania HSEQ manager, knew he had to approach 2020’s safety day differently. His staff around Australia and New Zealand couldn’t travel to attend activities at a central location, so Jim Petersen at Fleetcoach suggested to Elie that he take the safety days experience to them instead. The result was two separate virtual safety sessions via Teams in December last year. And there were more than a screen full of participants joining in for each session!

Atlas Copco has recently renewed their focus on driver safety, and this was what prompted Elie to contact Jim to begin with. Most of their people drive for work, driver safety had become a priority, and so they made it the core of their annual event across Australasia.

The attendees made the most of the wellbeing concepts covered in Fleetcoach Live!. The interactive mindfulness exercise was a great chance for everyone to learn it can take just 60 seconds to stop and focus before you drive. The lively discussion around how a little bit of compassion behind the wheel makes for a better driver than being ‘the angry guy’ also gave them a new way of approaching how they drive.

Jim also covered the higher-level driving skills that make Fleetcoach an award-winning training program. With the multi-tasking and distraction and inattention challenges the staff took part in giving them some surprising results. No clues given – you’ll have to book a session for your workplace to find out what it is you may not know. Or see!

Elie described the two events as a success, saying, “There was a lot of positive feedback, and I am constantly being stopped by employees letting me know how they are going with their Fleetcoach training!”

Fleetcoach Live! has been presented at safety days across New Zealand, and now (virtually) across the Tasman. If driver safety and wellbeing is something you would be interested in showcasing for your staff, please contact us for more information:

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