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Five things we learnt...

We've got a brand new module out! Here are 5 things we learnt while writing it...

We're very excited to announce that we have a brand new skills module available! It's all about road rules, why they exist, and why you should bother following them.

You might think that learning about road rules isn't the most wildly exciting topic, and you could be right. But we'd like to think this module is a bit different to your usual, and a lot more fun!

Have a look on your dashboard to give it a go, or talk to us about how your staff can get access.

In honour of our new module, we thought we'd share with you our top 5 things that we learned while writing it:

1 - Fines for breaking rules in New Zealand can soar as high as $20,000 - we had a rough idea that this was the case, but gosh there are a lot of things we'd rather do with $20k! We were sobered about the fact that jail is an option too...

2 - Have you heard of the 'Red Flag Act' of 1865 in the UK? It came about when horses and carts were being replaced by much speedier options, like cars! The rules said that vehicles on the road were allowed to travel at a maximum of 6.4 kmph in the country and 3.2 kmph in the city - and also required a man with a red flag to walk in front of any hauling multiple wagons. Yikes!

3 - We're noticing those little yellow triangles on the road everywhere now! Do you know what they denote? (Hint: our module will tell you, and what to do if you see one!)

4 - The decision to change the give way rules in New Zealand involved a looooot of work. Did you know that?

5 - Other people breaking the rules is frustrating. This might be something that you already knew, but isn't it nice to be able to actually acknowledge it? We reckon it's not just annoying because they’re breaking a rule, but because when they do it's usually to suit themselves, and end up being potentially dangerous to everyone else on the road.

When you do the module, let us know what you learnt!

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