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Electric vehicles module now live!

Everything you ever wanted to know, and lots you didn't know you needed to!

We're thrilled to announce our Electric Vehicles module is now live! We've been asked for this one quite a few times, so we're happy to be able to say it's now here.

Better yet, we're going to be officially launching it at EV World, New Zealand's first electric vehicle combined industry and public showcase. It's completely free and open to the public, so if you're curious about EVs, come along - we'd love to see you there! Here's some more information about the event.

As are all our modules, this one is a little different from the stuff you might have already read. We include all the basics you need to know about electric vehicles, and then we go much further.

  • How the EV you might drive fits into a broader picture
  • Why it might seem scary to drive one
  • They're gaining in popularity day by day - what you really need to know.
  • Is EV technology relevant to you? What really are the benefits?

For our Premium subscribers you'll find it on your Fleetcoach dashboard.

We've love to meet you at EV world- see you there?

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