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Driving safety across the Tasman

Fleetcoach champions Safe Work Month in AustraliaRugby World Cup time means one thing, a patient wait through the pool games for the clash of the titans: Australia vs. New Zealand. But, only one can be the champion … unless of course, we take this battle off the field.

This October, we here at Fleetcoach are celebrating Safe Work Month, an initiative by Safe Work Australia. And, we’re ready to create a Trans-Tasman partnership to celebrate the real champions: everyday employees who are leading change towards keeping people safe – both as individuals and within a group context.

Supporting safety champions

Work Safe Australia annually celebrates health and safety outcomes. “Focusing on Safety Champions, we’re able to celebrate the individuals and teams who’re enabling their workplace culture, which is something we intrinsically believe in,” says Fleetcoach’s COO, Craig Cockerton.

“Our research-based online driver training programmes enable fleet drivers, and everyone driving to-and-from work, to make better choices. Better choices equal safer roads.”

Operating within New Zealand and Australia, Fleetcoach works with organisations to tackle road safety, by providing familiar landscapes in online driver training.

“We listen. We learn. We create programmes in real world settings, so the individual can champion strong health and safety cultures – not just in their organisation, but in general,” explains Cockerton. “A safety champion is someone who’s leading the scrum, going head-to-head taking on the responsibility of promoting best practice work health and safety initiatives.”

Why you should champion workplace health, safety and wellbeing

Australia has seen over 190,000 fatalities since accurate car record keeping commenced in 1925. That’s more casualties than all the ANZACs across WWI, WWII and the Vietnam War. And, with the average Australian driving 15,500km per year, the odds of becoming a statistic are high – just ask our Head of Research, Dr. Robert B. Isler. Through his 30 years of road safety research, Fleetcoach’s programmes are designed to ensure drivers learn the right skills behind the wheel to transfer to their everyday travels.

How can Fleetcoach support your champions?

Championing workplace safety means you too can contribute to your work environment, by taking a proactive approach to risk. That’s why at Fleetcoach we deliver health and safety programmes to help your team take personal accountability for their actions. Based on the latest road safety research and evidence, we empower those behind the scenes to develop them in delivering on a culture of safety.

“Our programmes create positive outcomes. By listening, learning and creating modules to suit our clients’ needs we’re able to educate teams to lead the way as road-safety champions,” says Cockerton.

“At the end of the day, we can all be safety champions this October, and throughout the year. We’re excited to see everyone owning Safe Work Month in Australia.”

Everyone deserves to get home happy and healthy so unleash the Safety Champions in your fleet this Safe Work Month by contacting Fleetcoach to get your ball over the line – we’re always happy to tackle the tough problems.

Quick Stats

  • 1,226 people were killed in road related deaths, over 3 people a day
  • 34%of fatal crashes occur in major cities
  • 1 in 10crashes resulted in multiple deaths
  • 30% of accidents that occurred as a result of the car running off the road
  • Single vehicle accidents were the most common accident resulting in death


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