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Drive into the holidays... safely!

Good drivers, safer workplaces: driving wellness in workplace culturesWhat makes a driver good? That was the question Fleetcoach COO Craig Cockerton posed to InZone Industries and Fletcher Building at their recent company days, where the key focus was workplace health, safety and wellbeing.

Ever wondered just how far you can travel in one second? If you’re driving at 100 kmph, it’s 28 metres. Now, imagine if you lose your concentration for just one second or you drift off for just a moment. A lot can happen in 28 metres!

As the end of 2019 draws to a close, the team here at Fleetcoach want to ensure you can enjoy a safe and relaxed summer holiday. So, here are our top five tips for making better choices when you’re behind the wheel this holiday season.

1. Be mindful

You’re make a driving decision every time you step into a vehicle and, mostly, these decisions become second nature. But, that’s when things can go wrong. When something becomes second nature, we may no longer be aware we’re doing it. Be mindful about the decisions you’re making and the factors contributing to those decisions.

  • Be better prepared to expect the unexpected
  • Be better focused on the task at hand… driving
  • Check in with yourself to determine that you’re ok to drive.

2. Plan ahead

When it comes to traffic, there’s a lot that is out of our control: queues at offramps, endless road works, and bumper to bumper traffic to get out of town. It’s all a little frustrating.

  • Avoid driving when you’re angry or stressed
  • Adjust your driving time to avoid peak traffic
  • Use road reports to prepare yourself for delays

3. Watch out for fatigue

Long trips are the norm when taking to the road across holiday periods. Whether it’s visiting the in-laws or making your way to the beach with the kids – roads are our form of access. Plan and manage your driver fatigue.

  • Get a good nights sleep before taking off on your journey
  • Take a break from driving at least every 2 hours
  • Share the driving – not only will you have a partner in crime, but someone to talk to

4. Check your vehicle

Before you hit the road this summer, have your vehicle checked to ensure it’s in tip-top condition to take on any road conditions. Whether it’s other users or summer storms, you never know what you’re going to encounter out on the road.

  • Check your tyre tread and pressure, lights and breaks
  • Make sure your warrants and regos are up-to-date (and won’t expire over the holidays)
  • Make sure you’ve packed your vehicle safely and there are no loose objects that could cause damage to you or others

5. Focus on the task at hand

We’re all guilty of it. As soon as we’re behind the wheel there’s a multitude of tasks we do: listen to the radio, drink our coffee, chat to passengers and think about what we’re going to do that day. It’s a lot to do at the same time as driving.

A bunch of clever scientists have finally proven once and for all that we can’t actually multi-task. All we’re doing is switching back and forth between tasks really fast, and not doing any of them to the best of our ability.

So, focus on the task at hand – driving!

  • Choose your radio station before you drive
  • Have your water close to hand so it’s in easy reach
  • Concentrate on driving. You’re ‘to do’ list can wait until you get there.

At Fleetcoach, we want people to be safe - on the road, at work, in their day-to-day lives and over the holiday break. Happy holidays from the Fleetcoach team!

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