Born to be wild-ish.

Some motorcycle riders love the wind in their face, the open road under their wheels, and the feel of a leather jacket - all of which can give them a sense of freedom and rebellion. For others it is the ease of city living riding a moped. And for a few it is just the super coolness of a Vespa. What links all these riders however, is the reasonable expectation to be safe.

New Zealand has some seriously scenic roads that can be challenging to ride (this may even add to the enjoyment of the journey), as well as busy cities, and roundabouts by the hundreds. As road users we can’t control all the environmental factors present during a journey, but to travel safer we encourage everyone – including ‘bikers’ - to keep their skill level as high as they can.

This is where the Ride Forever training comes in.

It is an ACC initiative aimed at giving riders sound information and access to training, all so they can make better choices - we simply don’t believe there is ever a point where someone knows all there is to know.

Ride Forever advocates that the “training is a consistently high-quality, nationally available, certified rider training programme”, and that “taking at least one Ride Forever course reduced the incidence of having a crash”.

To put it simply, Ride Forever trained riders crash less often and the crashes they do have are on average less severe. Sounds good, right?

And because September is Motorcycle Month, we think it’s the perfect time to encourage anyone you know (maybe even yourself?) who rides to stay safer.

For more information on the day courses available in your area, head to the Ride Forever page here.