Are you prepared enough?

Having the resources to help yourself, or someone else, can save someone's day. Being prepared to step up when needed can save someone's life.

It could be as simple as having the right tools on hand - because you never know what might be around the corner.

Because they specialise in this space, we asked our friends at Prepare to share a real-life story about the difference you could make if you had the correct resources...

Imagine this - you've been at a business meeting and you're on your way back to work. You turn the corner to see a car on its side in a ditch on the side of the road. There are only two other cars who have pulled over. No emergency services yet. Do you stop?

We asked ourselves that very question only a few weeks ago. The answer for us was obvious – of course we stop! Why? Because we knew that we had a backpack full of first aid and survival items in the boot of the car that would be vital in this situation. Phil put on his hi viz vest and started stopping traffic. Larissa put on a pair of disposable gloves and used a sterile wound dressing to replace the paper towel they found (who knows where!) to stop the bleeding on the driver’s forehead. We were the right people at the right time, no doubt about it. We are proud that we got to make a difference that day, but we are also sad. Sad, because there should be no such thing as the “right person” in that situation. Anyone who is the first at a scene should be the right person, because everyone should be prepared for an emergency.

Having a survival kit in your car is easier than organising your insurance and is, arguably, just as important. You never know when you might be trapped in your car due to a crash, severe weather, or unforeseen road blockages, or when you might come across someone else in need of help. Winter is a particularly important season to ensure you are prepared as the harsher weather can increase the likelihood of getting trapped in your vehicle. No matter where you live it is important to have basic supplies in your vehicle, but here in NZ it is even more crucial. We all know the consequences that come with major natural disasters - our history is full of them. But what have we done about it? Are we prepared enough? If another quake hit us tomorrow, like the ones that hit Christchurch or Kaikoura, would we know what to do? Would we have the supplies that we need? Sadly, too many people still answer no to those questions.

​We will sleep easy when we know that every New Zealander can be the right person at the right time to help themselves, their loved ones, and any other person in need when an emergency occurs. Are you prepared enough?

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