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Are speed limits an infringement on our rights?

Speed limits, fines, rules... would we be freer without them?

Every time a new road rule, limit or fine is publicised, you need only to head to social media to see the backlash. Many people feel very strongly that fines are there to collect money, that speed limits are draconian and that all fines are very unfair. While we could argue the details of specific speed limits, we could probably all agree that roads without rules would be a very dangerous place indeed. And that perhaps - being able to drive 10kmph faster may seem as though it will add a lot to our days - when we stop and think about it, it really probably doesn't.

This is a great article about the difference between freedom (interpreted as 'doing whatever I want') and freedom ('being kept safe, including from myself and those around me'). It's about the speed limit reductions put in place across France earlier this year.

We particularly liked this summation from the article:

"Driving a vehicle at an inappropriate speed is seen by some as a sign of liberty. But deaths caused by speed are the ultimate denial of liberty to others."

It also makes the point that... "Most speeders are never confronted by the families of victims. When they are, the results are moving, as this recent Belgian road safety campaign showed."

Our learning module on 'rules' tackles some of these issues - the psychological impact of feeling like you're being told 'what to do', as well as the sudden loss of all freedom when everyone around us is no longer bound by any enforced rules at all.

You can read the full article here. What do you think? We'd love to hear from you.

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