Skills Check Overview

Unless you started your Fleetcoach journey with an Enterprise Risk Assessment, you'll begin your training with a Skills Check.


Your Skills Check begins with a tutorial explaining what you need to do and what you'll be experiencing. Ensure you've got your audio adjusted to a comfortable level so you can listen to the instructions in the tutorial. Don't worry if you don't have audio - we've covered the instructions in the text below the video so just make sure you read those and then click the "Skip Tutorial" button.

Fleetcoach Skills Check tutorial

You should plan to complete the Skills Check in one sitting - you'll need around 10-15 minutes.

Practice Trial

After the tutorial your practice trial will begin - we're not testing you on this so it's your chance to get used to how the trials work and get comfortable with the how you need to interact with the trial. You only have a limited number of clicks to use to identify the hazards.

Hazard Perception

When the practice is complete you'll move on to the first of four hazard perception trials. As the video plays out you'll need to click on the hazards as soon as you see them. When each trial is finished you'll move on to the next. We'll show you your progress but not your score - you need to wait until you've completed the whole Skills Check to see how you went.


After the fourth scored trial we'll ask you some self-awareness questions. There are five of these to complete your Skills Check.

Risk Profile

When you've answered all five self-awareness questions we'll provide you with your risk profile.

Fleetcoach Skills Check summary page