To join Fleetcoach, you'll receive an invite from your organisational admin via email.

To begin your Fleetcoach registration, follow these steps:

  • Accept your invite by following the link in the invitation email.
  • Complete the registration information.
  • Enter your name, create a new password and complete the remaining requested information. All fields are required but you can select "Prefer not to say" where that is an available option.
  • Your email will be filled out already based on the information given by your administrator when they sent you the invite. You'll also be asked to confirm acceptance of our terms of use. We’ll send you regular reminders until you accept the invitation.

Fleetcoach user registration form

  • When registration is complete you'll be logged in and presented with the courses dashboard.
  • The Courses dashboard is your 'home' screen within the programme. Menu options from here allow you to view/edit your profile, link to the Help, bring you back to this page and sign out.

Fleetcoach dash - start Skills Check