Driver Licence FAQ

Here’s where we answer all your burning questions about the Driver Licence module within Fleetcoach.

Our aim with the Driver Licence module is to help you and your organisation ensure you're driving under a valid licence.  Key to this is to manage the expiry dates of your licence and the associated classes and endorsements.

This means that we'll be asking for and securely storing the following:

  • Your name
  • Date of Birth 
  • Licence number
  • Licence Classes and important dates
  • Licence Endorsements and important dates
  • Licence Conditions

We also ask for the Licence Version Number when you enter your licence details, however we do not store this information. The version number, your name, date of birth and Licence number will be used to validate your driver licence.

We store your licence details securely and encrypt the licence information we maintain. We don't store/keep your licence version number. As this important number changes each time a new card is issued we'll ask for it again when you update your licence details.

The first of our driver licence email reminders is sent two months prior to an expiry date.  This notification could apply to any one of your licence classes or endorsements.  

As you get closer to the actual expiry date we'll increase the frequency of the reminders until you update your licence details with your new dates or the expiry date is reached.

The Fleetcoach administrators within your organisation can view you licence information and the status of your licence to ensure they can effectively manage the organisation's on-road risk.  Your Fleetcoach administrators also receive alerts when licences are close to expiry and when they have expired.

The Fleetcoach support team and staff from our trusted Reseller Partners may also have access to the licence information to be able to effectively support you and your employers organisation. This information is treated confidentially.

If your organisation has enabled the Driver Licence module you'll be prompted for to enter your driver licence details when you log in. If you don't want to enter your licence details at this time you can choose the "I'll do it later" option at the bottom of the form.  If you do this we'll prompt you again next time you log in so it pays to have your licence handy that next time.

Fleetcoach manages driver licence information for users on the Premium programme only.  If you're registered on the Enterprise Risk Assessment or Essentials training programme you won't be prompted for your licence details.

The Fleetcoach Driver Licence Module supports New Zealand licences as well as non-New Zealand licences.  If you have a licence that is not issued in New Zealand, uncheck the "Issued in New Zealand" checkbox at the top of the Licence details form to enter details from your licence.

No.  At this time the Driver Licence module is only available for Fleetcoach New Zealand customers.