Commonly asked questions

So you've got some more questions...

The idea of training can take a while to get used to. There's often no instant result or reward, and we tend to prefer activities we can see the immediate benefit of. So it's natural to have some questions about the purpose behind this training and why it's so important. We've answered some of those for you here...

Your organisation ​thinks that you’re really important, and that your safety matters, even when you’re not at work, or not driving one of their cars. It would be kind of rough if they only cared about you crashing if you were in one of their cars right? “Accidents are fine, just go have them on your own time!” Well, happily for you, your employer wants you to be safe all of the time. So what you learn in this training goes home with you, and stays whenever you get behind the wheel.

If you can point and click, you can use the Fleetcoach programme. And if you have fingers and a phone, you can ring us up and we’ll help you with anything you get stuck on. We wont even laugh at you, we’re nice like that!

Interestingly, learning the practical skills for how to handle a car, might not actually be the best option. We know that when young people first learn to drive, they learn the manual skills like changing gears and so on, really quickly. Too quickly in fact! They get overconfident and think they’re much better than they are. Learning the higher level driving skills is so much more important. And teaching via video – there’s plenty of research to show that works too! Video simulations are just as effective as on-road learning, and they’re so much safer!

Tablet (iPad) or computer, Mac or PC, they’ll all work just fine!

Sure, if you like! You’ll find the training takes about 90 minutes if you do it all in one go, plus there are a couple of short (20 minute) skills modules you can do as well. Some people find that doing it at home is an easy way to get it all done and dusted.

You don’t have to! Only the risk assessment should be done in one go. For the rest of it you can come and go as you please. Have a snack, do some work, comb your hair... whatever you need to do, and we’ll see you back after!