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Training in a pandemic

Travel. Travel has been one of the key behaviours that has turned the Covid-19 virus into a global pandemic. Now that it’s in our backyard, and building traction, it’s time to refocus! Take a look at how you can train your team to focus on health, safety and wellbeing during these uncertain times, whether they are at work or at home.
New Zealand COVID-19 Stay at Home

COVID-19 has done many things: cancelled events, placed the world’s travel plans on hold, and created a media frenzy. It has also provided an opportunity for employers to refocus their priorities, concentrating on employee health, safety and wellbeing – something we here at Fleetcoach believe in intrinsically.

While the world takes stock and we settle into a new ‘normal’, it’s important to take a step back to look at how you can help your team be mindful of their behaviours and interactions in the wider community. Why not start with your drivers?

A time to refocus

Taking into consideration recent government announcements, one thing is for sure: the full impact of COVID-19 has yet to be realised. It has created a huge distraction for our employees and distracted minds create risk on our roads. Anxiety and stress further distract drivers and impact their behaviour. Maintaining training helps employees feel a sense of normality and provides an all-important focus on business as usual.

We as employers need to invest in driver training to help our employees manage the distractions and deal with the stresses to be safer on the road.

Remote training opportunities

With almost all employees now working from home, is your workplace prepared for remote training?

In these times of uncertainty priorities change, and it’s important as employers that we heighten our focus on the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees. Help every individual by providing training for them that assists them to make better choices.

Online training provides several advantages to employers; it provides employees with engaging workplace skills training during potential downtime, they can train wherever they are, and they can work at their own pace.

Training with Fleetcoach

If you’re looking for an opportunity to train during this period, we’re here to help.

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