School's out for... COVID-19


School’s out! The usual happy shout at the start of any holidays. But currently around New Zealand school’s out. Work’s out. Sports are out. Easter BBQs are out. And we are all in. Or, more to the point, locked down.

While life is currently anything but normal, one thing many experts agree will help us to get through is our ability to keep learning and growing. Whether that learning is for personal development, to keep on top of study, for entertainment within your bubble (yes, learning can be fun!), or to give your employees a sense of direction, now is the perfect time for continuing education.

Your work conditions may look very different, and so your leadership skills have become vital – give your staff some purpose and routine in an environment that has changed so drastically for most of them. Many Kiwis are working from home and, while they are able, online training can prepare them for their return to work– with some new or renewed skills, and a sense of achievement!

Stay home, stay safe. We hear that catchphrase daily, and it includes the limited use of vehicles to essential driving only. Organisations are relaying that message loud and clear for Level 4 lockdown, but they know this won’t always be the case. Some are already preparing their drivers to get back behind the wheel - it’s likely it will be pretty hectic out there!

Keep in mind you aren’t choosing training to give staff something extra to do. You've chosen it because it works, because staff safety is important, because you are thinking of your people, and because you're a responsible employer.

There is a plethora of training options available, and in these times of uncertainty priorities change. Try to focus on the health, safety and wellbeing of your staff and provide training for them that aids them in making better choices.

Oh, and if you weren’t sure – Fleetcoach provides just that sort of training.