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School’s out! The usual happy shout at the start of any holidays. But currently around New Zealand school’s out. Work’s out. Sports are out. Easter BBQs are out. And we are all in. Or, more to the point, locked down.
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By working together as a nation, there is finally some light at the end of the tunnel. Level 3 now sees more of us getting back on the roads, although the majority of the country is still staying home and staying safe.

As we head towards less restrictions, let’s make sure we’ve got our vehicles ready for the return to the road!

No matter what sort of vehicle you own, all makes, models and vintages need some TLC to keep them running smoothly. When you have been heading out for your weekly shop, I’m sure you’ve been keeping an eye (and ear) on how your car is going, but now is a great time for everyone to make a few standard checks to prepare for your driving future.

Our friends at Suzuki have shared some of their maintenance knowledge and together we’ve created the following hints to help you help your car.

All vehicles:

  • Clean your car – make sure it is empty of rubbish, so it doesn’t attract unwanted guests or create unwanted smells!
  • Check for flat spots - a vehicle sitting in one place for an extended period is prone to get flat spots in the tyres.
  • Check your tyre pressure – air may have leaked out while your car has been sitting idle. Top up tyre pressure if required to give better handling and fuel efficiency.
  • Clean the exterior – make sure you keep the outside clean to prevent rust and corrosion occurring.

Petrol and diesel engines:

  • Start your car – if it is a little slow to get going, consider running your car for 15-20 minutes. A jump start is not how you want to start an essential journey, so keeping your 12v battery, which runs the electrical systems in your car, in good health is important.
  • Let it idle – if you are not using your car, run the engine for a few minutes once a week to circulate the oil through the engine and ensure good lubrication. It also prevents fluids from pooling inside the engine.

Electric Vehicles:

  • Manufacturers know best - follow the battery care instructions in your owner’s manual.

These basic tips are easy to follow, and by carrying out a little tender loving care on your vehicle now you will have one less thing to worry about when you are back on the road!

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