Blog: New in Fleetcoach

Brand new in Fleetcoach, our Stress module. Find out more in this post!

Our cars are often central to our lives and work. But how many of us really know the essentials before we drive?

Everything you ever wanted to know, and lots you didn't know you needed to!

If you're an administrator, a user, or driver... these two new things are for you. 

Cheers! Our substances module is ready for you, here's what's in it. 

The University of Waikato and eDrive Solutions (trading as Fleetcoach) have announced a new partnership that will increase opportunities for safer driving in New Zealand and Australia.

The purpose of the strategic partnership is for the parties to collaborate, identify, develop and realise mutually beneficial research and commercial opportunities...

The new speed specific skills module will provide coaching all about ​speed and your relationship with it. It's delivered in our usual light but scientifically proven style, so you know you'll learn a thing or two!

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Last week, we talked about a risk on the road that can affect all of us: Distraction. To recap, we talked about the fact that our vision is so important when we drive, but being distracted causes us to ‘see without seeing’, and miss some really important information coming at us from our environments. We also covered the fact that there are many different types of distractions, and that there are ways in which all of us can learn to deal with these better, so we can prepare for them.

Fleetcoach was launched on the 13th May 2014 in front of 60 Fleet mangers and road safety proponents, at the fourth annual Fleet Manager’s Day in Karapiro. In response to feedback from the fleet community, the new programme includes advice, templates, sophisticated reporting and end-to-end user management...